Dating ideas for college students

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Cardona emailed students last month and received more than 1,000 signatures on a petition to create the pantry.

Last Monday, the student senate voted 100-0 to allocate ,000 to the project.

Temple University and the College of New Jersey are exploring ideas.

“We’re hitting a point where something has to change,” said Tori Nuccio, the assistant director of financial aid at West Chester, who created the university’s resource pantry for food, winter and professional clothes, and toiletries.

Montclair State University opened one last April, and Rowan University has one coming next month.

Stockton University two years ago created a meal voucher program for students who could not afford food.

In the next few weeks, he said, Stockton will roll out an online application, which will protect students’ privacy better than the walk-in process.

The program has also been expanded to cover summer and winter breaks.

“It’s a really great resource; I was glad that it’s right here,” said the junior who struggled to afford food after being kicked out of his home when he turned 18.There have always been students in need, Nuccio said, but the number grew after the recession.And college costs have continued to grow without matching growth in financial aid, she said, leaving more students unable to afford everything.The center will open next month in the Rowan Boulevard Multipurpose Room.At West Chester University, the resource center has given out 800 pounds of food since opening last semester.

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