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Your story resonates with me on every key level you discuss: your faith and spirituality, your height (I'm a shade under 5'6"), and the social and cultural differences between Americans (especially women), and other countries." - Rob"Kudos for having the courage to say what no one else is willing or aware enough to say. and all I can say is you said everything that I have felt and thought. For example, the Dominican Republic and Mexico to name a couple. I just have to say you hit it on the nail with everything you said. We're in the same boat..." - Kenny"As a foreign student living in the US, I love this website. (including the chairman winston) for me I would say there are everybody here (all races, all ages even gender). It is amazing it is marvelous, C'est magnifique "I love this website because I can tell that the most of the people on here are smarter and more knowledgeable then me.

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How Long It Lasts: Not very, unless he picks up the concept of priorities and time. If he's not willing to see you exclusively, he's not worth your time.

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Their success lies with their model-esque singer and guitarist Olivia B Merilahti (who, if we're going to be accurate, is half-Finnish), tonight resplendent in silver and blue, who sends everyone into rapture - the boys want to see her, the girls want to be her.

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